Goa Panchayats Get Matching Grants from Champions Group to Clear Up unkempt Plastic Garbage

Panjim, Goa:- Champions Group announces the provision of matching grants to Goa panchayats, and pledges more in matching funds to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With this extremely generous support from Champions Group, panchayats will be better equipped to deal with the menace of plastic garbage operated in many parts of Goa including Cavelossim, Divar Island, Mayem Lake-Bicholim, Bambolim, Dabolim, and Kerri.

"These matching grants running into multiple lakhs are a token contribution meant to help improve the business environment and cleanliness as well as to battle plastic garbage. We will give this to each of the panchayats where we operate along with grants which the Director of Panchayats, Narayan Sawant, has recently rolled out," says Mrs. Hema Malini, the Director of Champions Group.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Subhakar Rao, Chairman of Champions Group said, "This grant is in line with our "GrowGoa" corporate initiative, and the culture of promoting eco-friendly "Go Green" services keeping CRZ areas clean and healthy. Our token matching grant will be given to each panchayat in the areas where we operate including Cavelossim, Divar Island, Mayem Lake-Bicholim, Dabolim, Bambolim & Kerri. We wish other local corporates will join this "GrowGoa" momentum on similar fronts to make the areas and places where they operate better and cleaner. "

In a tourism-driven state like Goa, the garbage problem has its own added impediments, which include 750 flights pouring in 20,000 or more tourists every year. And the garbage especially plastic waste created by tourists can be enormous. The issue escalated to a level where the government is no longer in a position to formulate a strategic plan to deal with the extra garbage.

On the other hand, the native scene of Goa is equally dreadful. A common practice in the villages of Goa is loading garbage in a vehicle and throwing it on the city roads and national highways furtively. In the cities, people dump their piles of wastes and plastic garbage in nearby villages. The government now stands weak with little financial support to clear up this mess both in urban and rural areas.

Observing the ghastly sights in Goa and realizing the dire need, Champions Group has initiated "GrowGoa", a CSR initiative to make Goa more eco-friendly. The recent matching grants to the Goa panchayats are a part of the "GrowGoa" initiative to lend a helping hand to the Goa government in getting rid of the hideous plastic wastes. The funds would also be used to build a healthy environment and make the place better, cleaner and hygienic.

Champions Group, one of the top travel and tourism conglomerates in Goa also pledges and promotes "Go Green" in every way possible by cutting back on plastic usage. Every tourist associated with Champions Group or any of the clubs is appealed to refrain from the usage of plastic to avoid overt consequences.

The Goa garbage scene clearly indicates that there is still much left to be done. However, Champions Group is taking one step at a time in making Goa devoid of garbage problem. With support from corporates, the Goa government foresees the state to be not just a better and cleaner tourist spot but also a better place to live and rejoice life in the next five years.

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