Champion Group stands with you during the Coronavirus outbreak

A letter from Chairman Subhakar Rao Surapaneni


Dear Champions,

I strongly believe in the saying "united we stand, divided we fall," so right in the disastrously hit Covid times. The world is shutting down because of one invisible virus causing havoc to the human race. I am writing this letter to all our champions to express my earnest and most heartfelt concern and care for each one of you and your families as well. We must stay united at these times, and we will do our best to get through this. I, as your leader, hold the torch of faith, perseverance, and support in every way possible.

We have, unfortunately, been presented with unknown challenges and unprecedented opportunities. I see this situation as a silver lining around the dark clouds. Let’s build deeper relationships with our families, our customers, and everyone you didn’t bond within a long time. Let’s be leaders, each one of us. Since working from home has taught us one thing for sure, and that is being self-dependent, relying on our own decisions and pushing ourselves to be our best version in whatever we do. Let’s continue to hold hands virtually and take our company to greater heights.

Let's not put any pressure on our heads or feel crippled in any way. I am with you, and you are with me. We must walk together, and I am pretty sure we’ll be able to meet very soon and keep delivering the best we always have. A little pun intended here, but for a bit, no one has to beat the Bangalore traffic anymore! 

I genuinely admire the way our champions have been coordinating and contributing and so proactively looking out for each other. I wish you the very best and always remember, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Good times are on the way!!

Subhakar Rao Surapaneni
Chairman & Chief Coach, Champions Group