Exclusive Luxury Lifestyle Memberships & Fractional Ownership

Champions Club introduces exclusive Luxury Lifestyle Memberships & Fractional Ownership Options at IITM Gurgaon after its successful stint at IITM Bangalore 2014

Bangalore, India, September 5, 2014 : Champions Club, a Champions Group company, gears itself to participate at IITM Gurgaon this July — India’s Premier Travel and Tourism Exhibition — a major brand which also conducts major travel mart events at Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kochi, Bangalore, and in Kolkata.

Champions Group, a leading business conglomerate diversified in multiple divisions of business like Digital, Experiential Travel, Real Estate, Data Digitization and Marketing, Cloud Analytics and Retail, etc., has now initiated “Luxury Lifestyle Memberships & Fractional Ownership Options” via Champions Club by introducing sub-cluster fractional ownership options to the next level which it intends to position to its users at IITM, Gurgaon and in other leading Travel Marts.

Champions group aims to showcase the USP of this untapped fractional concept to the hub of MICE & GICE Travel Industry in Gurgaon and thus create mutually beneficial business alliances w.r.t to its exquisite range of “Fractional” FITs travel solutions.

“The prime reason we are functional at Goa w.r.t ‘Fractional Concept & Initiation,’ adds Mr. Subhakar Rao Surapaneni, Chief Mentor Champions Group, is because of the various properties we have for our patrons to check at Goa and the innovative tourism models we have to offer, namely, eco-adventure tourism, water sports tourism, land sports tourism, and air sports tourism, etc.

Champions Club property offerings are home to some unique flora, fauna & mangroves where we aim to bring in floating cottages, restaurants, eco farms and more surprises for the customers who enter Goa to unwind next season.

We also have Eco Boats, Hummer Boats, Scuba Diving, Catamarans, Pontoons and more for the VFM travelers as well as the FITs traveler at Mayem Lake, Champions Beach, Yacht, & Travel Club at Cavalosseim so that they only take back ‘Memories and not Incidents’ when at Goa which can truly cater to its customer demands as fuelled by tourism destination state.”

“This promises to leave an encouraging impact on the minds of every visitor & potential traveler akin to the ones we met at IITM i.e. India International Traveler’s Mart 2014 Bangalore,” states Edson Martins, Business and Channel Alliance Development Head.

Prajwal Viswanath, PR Spokesperson of Champions Group adds, “Timeshare ownership is an already accepted concept worldwide, but Fractional Ownership is a nascent concept even globally & this is where we have entered the niche market in Goa to create the demand for our partners who want something best out of their future travel needs.”

Mr. Subhakar Rao Surapaneni, who has a detailed Value proposition towards Fractional Ownership, adds that Champions Club provides better access to a luxurious property of considerably higher value than the capital outlay required for fractional ownership with exclusive occupancy of your chosen property and access to shared grounds for each of your residency weeks. All this comes at a very low annual service charge & is shared equally between owners which importantly have high potential in asset appreciation value and also a niche opportunity to generate income from rentals.

He sums it up by adding w.r.t IITM Gurgaon, “We are looking to position Champions Club, a Champions Group company, as a game changer when it comes to hassle-free Reputed Fractional Ownership solution provider, and I am sure my team will deliver the best because they know what they are doing. I am just running the show, and I am sure it will be a successful fruitful initiation next season.”

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