Mrs India Powerful 2018 to uncover the most promising stars from India

Mrs India Powerful is a unique venture that provides Indian women with a global platform to showcase their talent and beauty. It’s an exceptional initiative that brings together women from all genres to represent the rich culture and heritage of India.

A strong and independent woman with a beautiful character is a perfect role model for women and youth across the globe today. Mrs India I am Powerful is in the lookout for a cultural ambassador for beauty that goes beyond the skin, a personality that’s inspiring, compassionate, sincere, humble, and one that transcends beyond the apparent. The core objective of this initiative is to reaffirm to the women around the world to be strong, confident, courageous and independent across any circumstance. It’s a search to find a woman who epitomizes hope, symbolizes love and champions peace with striking power and prowess.

This year Hema Malini, MD, Aaboli Fashion & Champions Yacht Club is part of the esteemed panel of jury members. At the launch of the event at CYC Goa here's what she said in anticipation of the event, "Women often are in need of an opportunity that can unveil their strength and courage. Mrs India Powerful is one such opportunity. This year our quest is to honour a woman who epitomizes courage and confidence"

About CYC

Champions Yacht Club (CYC), a division of the Champions Group is a global leader in super luxury sea charter industry. The Company has its headquarters & major operations in Goa, and branched out at Vijaywada (VJS) in 2015 and is also staring operations in Dubai this year. Since its inception; the company has been enjoying an unrivalled reputation from clients' world over for adventure sports and luxury yachting services.

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About Aaboli

Aaboli is one amongst the most popular ethnic fashion brands in India today. Aaboli believes in upgrading the fashion quotient of Indian women while maintaining its rich cultural heritage. Its extensive collection of casual wear, work wear and festive collection makes a complete wardrobe for all occasions. Aaboli has a strong online presence in all major online and retail stores providing superior quality fabric and exemplary customer service.

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