Champions Group @ D&B Business Eminence Award, Singapore


Singapore, 15th March: Champions Group has been awarded for 'Singapore's Vibrant Entrepreneurial Spirit & Business Excellence' in the current Singapore edition of D&B's Business Eminence Awards, held on 14th March at JW Marriott, Singapore.

In an interview post the function, CEO & Chairman of Champions Group, an ecstatic Mr. Subhakar Rao Surapaneni said, "Champions Group has always been in awe with Singapore's electric enterprising environment. Be it in terms of fairness, finance, or ease of doing business – the country itself has been the life-blood for our workforce. In return, we were humble and grateful to repay the same thing that Singapore so generously bestowed upon us – opportunities. Champions Group is now a global multinational, operating in multiple different industries, bringing business right back here.

"This award [D&B Business Eminence Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit & Business Excellence] is just an acknowledgment of the steady and healthy relationship we knew we have with this amazing country. Singapore is as much a part of this achievement as we are."

D&B Business Eminence Awards is the cornerstone in defining emerging leaders of the Singapore market, shaping the landscape for future investments in the country. Due to its high profile, the Award also follows a stringent evaluation procedure. Champions Group crossed many hurdles to arrive as the top contender in the lead-up to the event.

Each awardee at D&B BEA 2019 went through a string of advanced tests before consideration. Focused on growth and profitability, businesses were tested with D&B's proprietary in-house financial model on various factors, like: 1) their last two years profit statements, 2) business performance outside the stock market, 3) ACRA registration, 4)operational efficiency in the last three years, and 5) annual turnovers ($1M-$100M). Other qualitative attributes like CSR track record, corporate governance also factored into the complex equation of business excellence.

The trending downturn of local businesses in Singapore has entered its third consecutive quarter. In the face of this dwindling situation, these awards are sure to return some inspiration to the market landscape, if not turn the tide in favor of Singapore’s traditionally entrepreneurial spirit.

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About Champions Group:

Champions Group is a global conglomerate, enabling niche businesses to Fortune 500 companies in growing their innovative ideas into successful strategies. Operating in diverse industries like Data & Marketing, Leisure & Hospitality, Real Estate & Infrastructure, Fashion & Lifestyle, Media & Entertainment, Automotive, and Finance – the umbrella corporation has a reach to more than hundred countries.