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Bangalore Summer Camps 2010
Summer Camps in Bangalore 2010


This camp is for Teens who want to develop Leadership & Entrepreneurial skills. It aims at making the difference by providing youth programs which develop leadership skills to make your teenage kid a True Champion in life!

Gain a Champions Edge & Empower your kids by investing in the Tools for their Success:

Personal Leadership Camp: April 12th - May 7th :
6 hrs/week: 2 hrs M,W,F or T,Th,S (10 am to 12 noon or 2pm to 4 pm)

Advanced Public Leader Camp : May 10th - June 4th
6 hrs/week: 2 hrs M,W,F or T,Th,S (10 am to 12 noon or 2pm to 4 pm)

Our programs are based on two premises:

1. We don't have problems with teenage kids, we have problem with their attitudes. When we address our kids problems early, most of them evolve to be Champions.
2. Whenever a teenage kid says i cannot do this he/she is really saying two things. a.Either I don't know how to do it - which becomes a training education issue
b.I don't want to do it most likely the case where he/she is really saying 2 things again
i.Either I don't care to do it - that's an attitude issue
ii.I feel strongly enough not to do it - which becomes a value issue
Attitude Make your Kid a True champion by developing a can do attitude.
We have asked many parents this one question.

If there was one thing that would make your teenage kid better what would that be?
Pretty much everyone came back with one word attitude. They said if our kids have better attitude we would have a successful champions in the works.

Things have changed over the previous couple of decades. Problems with Kids are Different.
How come under the same set of circumstances some kids become champions breaking records in business/sports while others make a wreck of themselves?

Young champions leadership camp is a charitable operation. We take pride in offering the highest quality youth leadership programs at the lowest possible cost while giving back to our community via charitable institutions.